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Congratulations on choosing to learn the saxophone. The saxophone is known across the world to be amazingly versatile and it is equally at home on the classical music stage as it is in jazz and pop music settings. At saxophonetuition.com our philosophy is that the saxophone is easy to play, and anything is possible with practise and guidance.

Throughout all learning courses, you will be guided step by step to be able to play the music you enjoy listening to, wish to study, and possibly try out music you may not be familiar with. With over 20 years teaching experience, guiding complete beginners with no music background through to professional musicians looking to improve their technique and interpretative skills, lessons are very effectively customised to suit each student, and have a proven track record of accelerated learning.

Guidance is given to approaching music of different styles so that performance always sounds authentic to each style and period. At saxophonetuition.com you will be taught how to be most effective in your use of vibrato and other sound production techniques.

The goal is to create a sound that has character and fosters a creative approach to saxophone playing. In addition to technique and music interpretation, guidance is also given to the psychology and neuroscience of music performance.