“Andrew has been a fantastic teacher for me. He helped me achieve a Distinction for my DipABRSM diploma, and has really helped me with my overall technique. My tone has improved a lot from his teaching, and I feel I’ve learned a lot from him about the psychology of  playing the instrument. I wholeheartedly recommend!”

Dan Blows (soprano & alto saxophones)

“My musical experiences have always been pleasing. I have massively developed my playing skills and not only that, Andrew has taught me recording methods, mixing, and recording production techniques. These recordings also help me to critique my own playing skills and have improved my results.

“There is so much to playing the sax and a variety of playing techniques and skills that add so much to one’s performance. An important factor is ‘being at one’ with your instrument. Warm up procedures for you, the performer, and your instrument, form an important start to every session – practice and performance. Then moving on to playing skills, he taught me methods of producing vibrato, air flows and support, sound dynamics and even flutter tonguing”.

Bob Brown (tenor saxophone)