It’s never too late to begin learning the saxophone. It is a natural instrument to learn. Typically, within four weeks of learning, you will be playing melodies you enjoy listening to, and produce a rich sound that expresses the character of the music. You will also if starting from scratch, be able to read music notation and understand how to interpret rhythms.

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For those who have played the saxophone for some time, playing across 2+ octaves will be relatively easy as will be playing fairly fast passages on the instrument. Lessons at this stage are focused on gaining more control of finger technique in order to have more command of the instrument. Also, vibrato will be developed in order to produce an authentic sound for various musical genres ranging pop, jazz, Latin, and classical music.

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For advanced players, lessons will be focused on helping players advance their skills and awareness of performance practice in particular musical genres, as well as advanced techniques such as flutter tonguing, multiphonics, quarter tones, and the altissimo range.

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