Recital Performance (duration – approx. 35 minutes)

You will be thoroughly prepared to achieve as close to 100% is possible in your performance of your chosen repertoire. This will involve planning of learning and mastering the music. As well as scheduling a strong practice routine to make best use of your time, sessions will include analysis of stylistic or idiomatic elements in the music, and how to effectively interpret and communicate them.

Viva Voce (duration up to 12 minutes)

This element of the diploma exam is where you talk about your chosen repertoire. Lessons will include discussion about the various topics relevant to each work such as musical language and form, and style and interpretation, so that your programme notes are flawless.

Quick Study (up to 10 minutes)

Advanced learning techniques are included in lessons in order to propel your ability to sight read extremely well and accurately.

Recording of performance of your recital programme prior to or after the DipABRSM is available. This includes mixing and mastering your recording.